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Hills and Rivers Remain - Young Apples

Fandom: Hills and Rivers Remain
Claim: Hills and Rivers Remain
Specific characters/pairings (if different): Alan, Dean, Viola
Theme set + Theme number & prompt: I, #2, By my side
Rating: G
Warnings: N/a
Summary: The seeds are here, even here, and they don't know it.

The air is warm above, the grass soft and just a little damp below them. Alan stretches out, feeling the sun heavy on his skin, like hands weighting him down, and smiles up at it, at the blue sky and the soft clouds. Viola stirs, at his side, stretching out. "It's a beautiful day," she says. "Peaceful."

"I wanted to get on with training," Dean says, just a little sullen, sticking his elbow into Alan's ribs.

"Because fighting is obviously the most productive thing you could do with your time," Viola says. She sounds just a little sharp, sharp like young apples, like thorns on a rose.

Dean shrugs. "It's something to do."

"If we learn to fight, one day, we'll fight," Alan says, looking up at the sky again. He wants to hold onto this, some voice in the back of his mind crying out a warning about how swiftly this could be snatched away. There's no reason to fear that, and yet...

"I won't," Viola says, firmly. Dean laughs and flings a handful of grass at her that scatters on the light breeze.

"You'll find some reason why you just have to fight."

"I'll probably have to show you how it's done," she says, and Alan laughs, the world laughs, and oh, what could ever possibly go wrong?

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