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3W4DW Announcement (better late than never)

It's been a while, everyone! But I am still here.

As with last year, during Three Weeks For Dreamwidth (see [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw), I want to encourage posting here. So, out of those who post, I'll do a draw, and whoever wins will get 30 DW points, enough for a paid account for a month.

And this, from last year, is also an option:

So, the idea is that over the next three weeks, you don't have to claim something to get involved. You don't have to be a fic writer, or an artist. Just post an entry, preferably over three hundred words long (but I won't be checking), telling the comm about your favourite overlooked fandom/character/pairing. You define overlooked (although if you try to say Supernatural is an overlooked fandom, I'll give you some odd looks).

Tell us about your tiny fandom of one. About your deep and abiding love for Missouri Mosely's character. If you're the only one in the world who ships, say, Lucifer/Jo, then go ahead. Tell us why.

Remember to use LJ cuts if it gets long, and especially if you include screenshots or spoilers.

And, please, don't let this comm be, well, overlooked! If you think someone would like it, pass on a link!
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Sounds like a great idea! I will try and get something up soon!
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True, I need to get drawing more so I can post more. XD