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[personal profile] viklikesfic   May. 15th, 2010 07:04 pm
This is a pairing so overlooked to be hard to find fic I want to rec for, but I wanted to talk about it anyway. Hey, maybe meta might encourage folks to write!

So, why do I like McCoy/Sulu? I think they fit together well. They're both sort of unassuming, but at the same time fiercely loyal and highly competent. They fit my competency kink like whoa. There's enough unknown about their backgrounds to allow for a bit of tinkering or coming up with commonalities. In my favorite of my own stories for this pairing, a kink meme fill called Too Much Is Not Enough, I played with that lack of information to slot them together in a sort of comfort-based D/s relationship. (I'm not linking the story because I don't want to disqualify myself, since the kink meme is on LJ, but you can get there by clicking the fic index link on the left of my DW, then clicking Star Trek and scrolling down to McCoy/Sulu.)

And of course, nobody can deny that Karl Urban and John Cho are easy on the eyes. There's not really an obvious top, so if you're writing porn you can do whichever you like, or write them switching, which I love to do. And of course, they can always get together and bitch about how ridiculous Jim is.
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[personal profile] shanaqui   May. 15th, 2010 11:44 pm
I was going to draw names tonight for two people to get thirty DW points (a month's paid time), but I found there's only one contender. I will draw on Monday morning: get a post in (either the overlooked fandom/pairing/character love, or a fic for your claim) to be put into the draw.


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