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[personal profile] genusshrike   Mar. 25th, 2017 08:45 am
My long weekend of Mass Effect got off to a bad start when, after spending the morning waiting for the courier, I discovered the PC version I had preordered was a box with a download code inside it >:-( Apparently the store hadn't realised till the stock arrived, but I was pretty pissed off. If I’d known I was going to have to use half my internet allowance downloading it anyway, I would have got it straight off Origin …

Also my poor computer can barely run it, so I’m playing on lowest graphic quality. I always thought it would be the battles that would suffer the most from not meeting spec, but actually it’s the Nexus my computer has the most trouble with.

I may have gone and ordered a new CPU.

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[personal profile] psyche29   Mar. 22nd, 2017 07:04 pm
So for Christmas of 2015, hubby gave me a set of knitting needles, a skein of yarn, and a book after I mentioned maybe wanting to learn to knit.

Basically, I would see all this gorgeous, yummy yarn at the store and want a scarf. And while I have a few knitting friends, I couldn't bring myself to infringe on their time and ask them to make me one.

So it took a good amount of time poring over the book - and finding a good YouTube channel - before I finally got anywhere. Let me tell y'all, I thought I was too stupid to knit for nearly a full month.

Now I can say proudly that I am damn good at the knit (garter) stitch. I can do several other stitches, and have made a few scarves.

I'm pretty apprehensive, though, about trying other things. I find that I would rather have some one-on-one instruction, because not everything is easily understandable from the book or YouTube. I may check out the local yarn shop, see what they offer. I will also probably look at JoAnn or Michael's, too, see what they've got.

In the meantime, however, I've had to cut myself off from buying yarn. Man it's almost as bad as books, I can't seem to stop!

Does anyone else knit? What do you like to make best? What's your favorite yarn?
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[personal profile] jennaria   Mar. 18th, 2017 05:27 pm
I might need to see it again - not so much because I liked it that much, as because I wasn't seeing it as its own movie. I was seeing it as all the bits and pieces that were the same, or changed, or in dialogue with* the animated movie, which I love with the unreasoning love of the 13-year-old Thia-let who originally saw it.

*'in dialogue with' here means 'holy crap I noticed that (e.g. why did nobody remember the castle) and they clearly noticed it as well and are saying something about it (e.g. a mention during the prologue that the memory blank was part of the sorceress's spell).'

More detail about what I liked or didn't like beneath the cut, because SPOILERS HO. No really, so much spoilers. )
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[personal profile] anaraine   Mar. 17th, 2017 11:50 pm
So, I realize that everyone and their mother has already seen Moana (I had plans to see it around Christmas! But they kept on getting derailed. D:) but I just walked out of the dollar theatre and holy fucking shit this movie was so great. SO GREAT.

Some quick points of interest:

I knew Temuera Morrison was in it, but I didn't realize who until I heard his voice and just about swooned. What a good voice. I am just so happy about that, honestly. It might be a result of my current obsession with Star Wars, but I've watched a bunch of his other stuff too and he's like...really awesome? I just love him, okay, and him being there improved the movie (which was already fantabulous) for me.

The music was so good. Aaaaah, it's the same kind of patter song (look, I realize I'm using that word wrong, but it's how I talk about it with people who are otherwise disinclined to like rap: it's a song that has a lot of words that don't always match up exactly right in their rhythms but describe what's going on in much more detail) that made Hamilton distinctive and I really loved all of them. The chorus "there's a line where the sea meets the sky it calls me" is running through my head on repeat, as if it does it enough I will spontaneously learn the rest of the songs, but I am pretty sure it's not going to work that way, lol. It will take a bit more effort to learn the songs (which is a necessity, because I like being able to burst into Disney songs on cue) but that's okay, because I actually want to buy this cd. Need to get my hands on the lyrics of the songs that were not in English.

The animation was absolutely stunning, okay. All of the ocean imagery was fucking gorgeous. The drape of Moana's hair was fabulous. And I really loved both Maui and Moana's facial expressions, so much. Moana's more, because she's a girl. Because. Here's the thing, and I just accidentally proved it to myself looking for Moana icons. In comparison to Frozen, or Tangled... the heroine's faces in those movies, they don't move naturally for me. Their mouth's are always small and dainty and in picture perfect lines even when they're making faces. Here is an icon post that I ended up not grabbing any from, but kind of shows my point. Compare Moana's facial expressions to Anna's or Rapunzel's. To me, Moana felt more real. Because in candid shots my face always makes the weirdest of expressions and it feels like Moana was so much more emotive than any of the other recent Disney animated films.

To add onto that, I really loved Te Fiti's 'r u kidding me' expression, too. And how she was animated. Like. Wow. Gorgeous.

I loved all of the banter between Moana and Maui - I hope this means that Auli'i Cravalho and Dwayne Johnson had a fun time playing off each other. (Some of it was a little jarring, in how they crammed present day stuff into the movie - even if it was also very funny. See, the "tweet" comment.) Moana and Maui straddle that line of "I would love for them to get together" and "I prefer them more as best friends" that I really love because it means I can read fic from both sides of the equation and be satisfied. (That said, I love that they had chemistry - but I'm also really happy that their relationship didn't have a romance subplot.)

The culture built into this movie was... so great? I have the burning desire to pick up a few books and maybe check out some documentaries or something because I just want to know more about the different cultures on the Polynesian islands because I am so interested. Also, definitely want to grab a few books on their myths/legends because Disney usually sanitizes those sorts of things from a little to a lot and I want to get some deets on Maui and their other deities and demigods. Speaking from a place where I know like, nothing about the culture, I feel they did a good job in piquing my interest? Like, that's the kind of worldbuilding I like in my fantasy movies, that gets me involved and trying to learn Sindarian - but it's based off of a real life culture, which means that it's better in that the answers to my questions actually exist if I go looking for them.

Also, all of the imagery about the dead was absolutely gorgeous too. Not just Gramma Tala, whom I loved deeply, but the past chiefs of Motunui and their people. Just. All of that was really stunning. How did this movie manage to cram in so much awesome in such a little time. Aaaah, I want to run out and buy it right now but I am so broke atm.

This movie. Was just. Fucking Amazing. I'm so happy that it exists, I'm so happy I got to see it in a theater, and I am also thrilled I can now stop avoiding looking at interviews and stuff to remain largely unspoiled. (I also believe this is the first animated Disney film where I came out of the movie wanting to dive into the fandom. Just. There is so much more I want to know about life on Motunui - but I think I'll probably get better answers doing research rather than reading fanfic, in terms of things being culturally accurate.)


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