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Nikki ([personal profile] shanaqui) wrote in [community profile] overlooked2011-05-08 11:36 pm

Final Fantasy VIII - Where the Heart Is

Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Claim: the fandom in general
Specific characters/pairings: Irvine, Selphie (Irvine/Selphie)
Theme set + Theme number & prompt: Set V, #8 Home
Rating: PG
Warnings: Sap
Summary: Reminiscing on a lazy morning.
Notes: It's the getting-back-into-fic-and-this-fandom deal again. A doodle with words, more than anything.

"Do you remember, at the Orphanage..." Irvine trails off, and Selphie snuggles in tighter.

"I might," she says, brightly, because it's obvious how much it bothers him that she remembers so little. She nips at his collarbone, a soft bite as a reminder, because it's there and he's being silly again, she's sure of it. She could forget the whole world, she thinks, and she wouldn't forget him.

"I used to be scared of storms," he says. He eases back from her, rolls onto his back and looks at the ceiling. She follows, an arm over his chest, and settles there again.

"You'd... come in to the girls' room," she says, slowly. "Squall and Seifer liked storms, and Zell slept right through."

She can hear the smile in his voice. "Quistis used to threaten to tell Matron."

"I used to come and hide in your bed."

"Womanising from an early age," she says, mock-despairing, and he laughs. She likes the rumble of his laugh in his chest, likes hearing it like this. Everything's easy, on days like this.

"You used to wriggle. And kick."

"Used to?"

"You still do."

"You probably deserved it," she says, and nips at his shoulder this time. "And I know you deserve it now."

He laughs again, and there's silence for a moment, but she's sure he hasn't made his point. She sits up a bit to look down at him, running her fingers through his fine hair, tenderly tugging a knot free.

"It... I never felt like I was home, after leaving the Orphanage, until we did this again."

It's one of his lines, glib and charming, but he means it too. She hugs him hard.

"I love you too, silly," she says, and he hugs her back just as tightly, just as if he hadn't been sure before.

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