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Community description:Claims and themes for fanworks based on overlooked fandoms/characters/pairings
This community began on LiveJournal as [ profile] over_look. I decided to recreate it with a slightly wider focus here, as it's been one of my most popular communities.

The idea is to claim an overlooked fandom, character, or pairing. You define "overlooked". If you have all of canon for a fandom, but you haven't been writing for it, that counts. If you haven't written for a fandom in ages, that counts. If you'd like to try writing a pairing you haven't tried to write before, that counts. Originally, though, it was created to promote writing about minor characters, such as Tracey or Nandi from Firefly, or fandoms that haven't had much fanfic, like The Dark Is Rising. If you think it's overlooked, by you or everyone, then go for it. And although that summary was fiction-biased, if you want to claim something and then draw for it, then that's also fine. If you want to both write and draw for your claim, that's fine too.

So, unlike the original community, it would be okay to claim Mal from Firefly, or Squall from Final Fantasy VIII.

1. You may claim anything. A fandom, a pairing, a character, a group, a setting from within a fandom (e.g. Luca from Final Fantasy X/X-2)... It must, however, be fanfiction.
2. When you claim, you can pick one of five theme sets to base your fanwork on. You can find the sets here. Each theme set contains ten prompts.
3. There is no limit on how many people can claim the same thing, the same theme set, etc.
4. You can have five claims at a time. This is largely to prevent people from swamping me with seventeen claims all at once to list! I may up this limit in future if this community isn't very busy.
5. To claim, respond to this post, following the instructions there.
6. To drop a claim, respond to the same post. To tell me you've completed a claim, comment here.

1. Each fic you write should be for a claim you hold and should contain one theme from the theme set you chose. Theme sets are here.
2. Fics of any length are acceptable. If you feel you can write a legitimate story based on a prompt in one sentence -- go for it. As a general rule of thumb, to do an overlooked character justice, I'd suggest at least 100 words would be a good target. There's no real maximum.
3. You can write whatever genre you want, any kind of fic, but you take responsibility for what you write and you have to make sure there are appropriate warnings. For example, if you post non-con fic without putting a warning on it and someone reports it to me, I will delete your post without warning.

1. Drawing for a claim is also okay. You can mix and match writing and drawing, or you can do all of one.
2. Any kind of drawing is acceptable -- from a doodle to a fully photoshopped picture -- as long as it's not, you know, stickmen. Or if it's stickmen, make them evocative stickmen. Stickmen with, you know, a story. For example, this totally counts.
3. You can draw any kind of picture you like, but you take full responsibility yourself and are obligated to warn if a piece is not worksafe, etc. Again, if something is not properly warned for and is reported to me, I will delete your post without warning.

1. Post one fanwork per entry, so that it can be put into the memories properly. That said, it'd be nice if you didn't flood the comm with more than two or three entries all at once.
2. Post using this header. Do not remove any fields, and fill them all in.

Fandom: The Dark Is Rising
Claim: Bran Davies and Will Stanton
Specific characters/pairings (if different): N/a
Theme set + Theme number & prompt: I, #10 Saying goodbye
Rating: R
Warnings: Vague smut, angst
Summary: It's been ten years, and Will still can't stay.

You may add anything to this header, as long as it doesn't become particularly long. For example, if you haven't seen the latest season of your fandom, ask people not to spoil you for it.
3. You may also post a sentence or two from your fic, or a small thumbnail (no taller than 200 pixels) as a preview of your fanwork. This is not compulsory.
4. Crossposting is fine, and if you want to keep your comments in one place, it's okay to link to your fic and have it hosted somewhere else, as long as you are sure it will never be deleted or locked.
5. Post only fanworks. No community promos, no apologies, no messages to me. If you need to contact me, comment here.

1. Commenting on other people's posts is welcome/encouraged. Speak to other people as you'd like to be spoken to, and there will be no problem.
2. If there is a problem, comment here and I'll get to it as soon as possible.

1. I will tag all fics by fandom and the username of the poster.
2. The memories will use the same categories.
3. When a set is complete, I'll tag it with "complete #whatever" and link to it in the completed claims post so everyone can see how awesome you are.
4. If I've missed a post, comment here to let me know.

Claim here. Comment here when you're dropping, too.
Completed claims here. Comment here when you've completed your claim.
Theme sets here. Pick one before you claim.
Questions/concerns, contact me here.
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