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Nikki ([personal profile] shanaqui) wrote in [community profile] overlooked2011-05-12 10:06 pm

Final Fantasy VIII - If You Ask

Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Claim: the fandom in general
Specific characters/pairings: Squall, Irvine (Squall/Irvine)
Theme set + Theme number & prompt: Set V, #2, Touch
Rating: PG
Warnings: N/a
Summary: Irvine doesn't ask for anything, even if he did just have some of the best sex of his life.

"You can relax, y'know," Irvine says, lazily. He doesn't touch Squall, not now, despite all the touching that was undeniably going on not ten minutes ago: he knows better than that. He doesn't even look at Squall, just settles into his own long-limbed sprawl and lets Squall take care of himself. "If you want. I'm not gonna bite."

Squall's tone is dry, but with an unexpected dash of humour. "Strange. Where did I get these marks from, then?"

Irvine grins. "Okay, I don't bite -- unless you ask me to."

Squall eases closer, and Irvine closes his eyes and lets silence fall, gives him whatever space he needs. He's surprised when Squall moves in beside him and puts an arm over him -- not quite a hug, but something close to one. He can feel Squall's breath against his cheek. Squall still holds himself unnaturally still, but this is more than Irvine expected -- at least this early in the proceedings.

"And if I asked you to? On a regular basis?" Squall asks, softly.

Irvine's grin softens into a smile. "I think it could be arranged."

"Good," Squall says, and Irvine's almost shocked when he feels Squall relaxing against him. He stays where he is, not pushing it, until Squall's arm tightens around him and he hears the soft snuffly breath that means he's asleep -- incongruous, coming from Squall, and somehow endearing -- and then he turns a little, settles down, savouring the warm weight of Squall's arm around him and the peaceful look that softens Squall's face so much.

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